Arch 311 Make Up Examination (for Final Exam) will be held on 13 January 2010, Monday, at 11.00 am. 



Attendance List (From 03.10. 2019 to 28.11.2019)

Cankaya University – Department of Architecture


       2018-2019 FALL SEMESTER

       Instructor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ceren Katipoğlu, office no: 208/1

Course Description:

Architectural History IV is the last one of four general survey courses that provides students with a critical understanding of architectural developments and cross-cultural relations. This course covers art and architecture of the 20th and 21th centuries as exemplified especially in Turkey. Steady and rapid changes, similar and contrasting ideas and their reflections in art & and architecture will be discussed in the course.

Course Objectives:

This course aims to examine how the similar and contrasting ideas are reflected in art & architecture. Weekly lectures are not thought as closed entities but as complementing each other. Besides providing students with general architectural and cultural knowledge and enabling them to exercise critical thinking, this course also supplements design studios through investigating cause and effect relationship in historical cases.


Attendance will be taken for each course hour. The instructor may take the attendance anytime during each course hour. Students have to be there in person and sign the attendance form. A student who is not there at the moment when the attendance is taken and does not sign the form in person cannot claim presence for that course hour. Students who did not attend at least 70% of attendances during the semester will receive an NA grade.


There are two written exams being one Midterm Exam, one Final Exam and one presentation during the semester.

Mid-Term Exam: 40%; Presentation 10 %, Final Exam: 50%. Exam notes will be announced in


September 26 Introduction of the course

October 3 Ottoman Architecture in the 19th century

October 10 Colonialism, Orientalism and Occidentalism in Architecture

October 17 Turkish Architecture: Early Republican Period I: Ottoman Revivalism/National Architecture Renaissance

October 24 Turkish Architecture: Early Republican Period II / First National Architecture

October 31 Modernism in Turkey; 1930’s

November 7 Modernism in Turkey; Second National Architecture

November 14 MIDTERM EXAM (%40)

November 21  Modernism in Turkey; Second National Architecture- Turkish House

November 28  Modernism in Turkey; 1950’s- International Style

December 5 Post Modernism in Turkey

December 12 Critical Regionalism

December 19 Contemporary Architecture in Turkey – Student Presentations (%10)

December 26 Contemporary Architecture in Turkey – Student Presentations (%10)

FINAL EXAM – date will be announced